Each week, Todd Hollowell, FLW Bass Fishing Pro will travel the USA fishing for largemouth and smallmouth bass.

Todd will show viewers how to map, locate, and catch bass in a highly informative and exciting format. Every week, Todd will be fishing with either another high level touring bass pro, or with other "celebrities" in the fishing industry.

As you watch Todd, you will be receiving information and tricks of the trade from people who are some of the best in the industry. To add an additional spin, anglers will be utilizing only one product during each episode. Why do we do this? Well, we believe that it is the only way for viewers to actually be able to learn while watching. Fishing with 10 different baits in a 30 minute segment teaches the viewer close to nothing, while watching high level pro's catching fish on one lure style will provide enough detail for the viewer to be able to take the information he/she learned on each episode and translate it into real life situations.

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